Smith Land & Improvement Corporation

Our Emphasis Is Always on "Improvement"

As a third generation real estate development firm, Smith Land & Improvement Corporation pursues projects and properties driven by a conservative philosophy and a fixation on building equity.

Shop Small PA Founded in 1961, the company has a
54-year history of responsible and responsive real estate development and land ownership. With a portfolio of nearly 50 properties, the Smith Land team has chosen to concentrate 80 percent of its real estate investments in their own “front yard” of central Pennsylvania.

“We do not outsource our eyes,” says Richard E. Jordan II, CEO. “Both large and small tenants value our face-to-face accessibility and the responsiveness of the owner. When you live where you develop, you have a clearer understanding of real market needs and values, and there’s minimal chance for financial hyperbole.”

“We feel strongly about presenting an image of accountability to the community,” says Richard E. Jordan III, COO. "We are discriminate with our developments and look to add value in every sector. Because we develop where we live and work, we have firsthand knowledge of the social structures—the community fabric, the workforce advantages, the quality of life. Our commitment to enhancing our community and region is what energizes us.”

When Smith Land is the developer, business builders and investors can expect a productive working relationship, high caliber site selection, and easy access to business expansion.

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